Investing In Public Transportation

Megan knows that Oklahoma City’s public transportation system needs major upgrades. She will work to invest in expanding the EMBARK bus system so that it is convenient and available for everyone in Oklahoma City. Megan believes that we need to be forward-thinking and pave the way for regional transit, so Oklahoma City can be easily connected and accessible to communities all across the state.


Helping All Families

Megan believes that our city is only as strong and healthy as its individual residents and families. The newest MAPS investment was a good start but she will continue to fight for funding for mental health, reducing homelessness, criminal justice reform, and other measures that help everyday Oklahomans.  


Spending Taxpayer Dollars Wisely

Residents of Oklahoma City deserve a city council that invests in all of its people. Megan will make sure that our taxpayer dollars are spent on programs that help everyday Oklahomans, not big corporations. She will fight for regular operations funding for our parks, mass transit, and other services that help all people in Oklahoma City.

Inclusive and Accessible City Policy Plan

All people, no matter their ability, should have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our city government. When we create an inclusive and accessible city we are creating a stronger and more equitable city. The following policy priorities for an inclusive and accessible city are not all encompassing but they are the start of building a community that invests in the economic and physical well-being of all its residents. Our city is only as strong and healthy as its individuals and families.

  1. Meaningful, inclusive, and active participation for all residents in all parts of city government

    • Planning and decision making should include active engagement of persons with disabilities and older persons. This means the city should prioritize and guarantee environments in which all stakeholders can actively engage and participate in all aspects of our city government. 

  2. Expanding non-discrimination policies to Leave No One Behind

    • City government should ensure the right to the city in all environments regardless of gender, age, disability, race, immigration status, or sexual orientation and recognizes that all persons have a right to accessibility. This goes beyond merely adhering to Federal and State law and prioritizes the equitable, affordable and safe access to physical, social and digital infrastructure across all city planning objectives and programs. 

  3. Health

    • Policies should ensure that all people in the community can live long and quality lives. This includes policies that will allow residents to manage and decide on the appropriate health and social services to address their needs and rights to the city through accessible places and programs for active leisure and socialization.

    • Activities, programs, and health information promoted by the city for health, social and spiritual well-being should be accessible and inclusive.

    • The City must support equal access to health services, good air, and clean water.

  4. Safety

    • Urban planning and policy should acknowledge that oftentimes police engagement with vulnerable populations can lead to harm, over policing, and higher rates of incarceration. Acknowledging these outcomes and pledging to make the changes necessary to protect the vulnerable populations in our community is paramount to an inclusive and accessible community.

    • Investing in better signage, reducing the use of cars and promoting public transportation not only increases the safety of our residents but allows them the freedom to move around how they want, providing increased access to education, work, and healthcare.